Is it better to have the car seat fully or half covered

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To tell you the truth, when I saw a friend asking this question, I was a little confused. Because strictly speaking, the car seat is not all inclusive, all inclusive is the car seat cover. So for our seats, is it a full package, or a half package is better?


There is no absolute answer to this question, to be divided into a view, the following specific analysis to everyone!


1. The total package type


The whole package is actually the car seat cover, with the car seat cover the seat of the biggest benefit is to complete the protection of the seat, especially some leather seats, can play a very good protective role!


Of course, there are disadvantages, in the previous article I also told you that the seat cover material is relatively simple, generally for cloth or leather, the choice of space is relatively narrow! There is a disadvantage that the installation of seat cover is more difficult than cushion.


2. Type half a pack


The so-called half package type, refers to the car seat, the benefit of the car seat is that the material style is diverse, if you want to choose a more matching car seat according to their own car style, it is very easy! And in different seasons, can easily change into suitable for this season's material cushion!


The biggest disadvantage of the car seat cushion is that the seat can not be fully wrapped up, if the car often carry pets or naughty children, then the seat is not wrapped to the place is easy to receive damage!


3. The local tyrants


As the saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Xiao Zhou suddenly had a whim to put on a seat cover first and then buy a cushion, so it would be the best of both worlds.


But then again, in how to cherish our car, the car is used, after all, including the supplies in the car is also, imagine, if the car scrapped, we found that the seat was still new, we should be happy or sad?


So, let nature take its course, the key is our own body experience, comfortable, healthy, is the best solution!

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