How about baixiang car seat? Expensive?

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How about baixiang car seat? Expensive?

Baixiang in all the car cushion brand, the popularity is not very high, many people may not have heard of. Baixiang brand belongs to Baixiang car ornaments Co., LTD., headquartered in Fujian, the company's establishment time is also earlier, founded in 1998.


This company is mainly doing car accessories, car cushion is just one of them, it has two brands, one is Baixiang, one is Snow Doctor, these two brands of car cushion, as far as the current market situation is concerned, the share is very low.


Comprehensive analysis, there are two reasons:


1. In fact, most of the brands are OEM production, and their own products do not hit the market.


2. Mainly wholesale, basically do not do online retail.


3. Car seats are not its main product.


After reading the above three points, it is not difficult for us to understand why there is no official flagship store selling Baixiang's car seat online. Only some unofficial shops are selling Baixiang's car seat, and the variety is very single, and the main material is mainly brown silk weaving.


Take baixiang's palm silk car seat, the price is generally more than 600, the cost performance is not very high, so whether it is Dr. Snow or Baixiang car seat, from all aspects of the factors to consider do not recommend!

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