Royal car treasure car cushion how?

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There is no relevant information to show which company the brand of Royal Car Treasure belongs to, but it is sold on Tmall, which at least indicates that it is a registered trademark and not a copycat brand.


I told you in the previous article about the car seat is basically general, and royal car treasure this brand of car seat, basically do not produce and sell general type of car seat.


Custom-made and general-purpose car seat

All their car seat is special, in their words is private customization, according to the brand of your car, the specific model, and then tailored to a car seat, the same material, the price is slightly more expensive than other brands.


Royal car treasure car cushion material types are complete, our common ice silk, leather and so on almost all can be customized.


Of course, they also have mass-produced seats for cars such as Volkswagen CC, Audi A6 and so on, such as this one:


This is a mass production generic model, suitable for Magotan/Tiguan/Passat/Camry/Lavida/Volkswagen CC these models, other models, can provide one-to-one customized service, but the price is relatively expensive, generally nearly 2000 yuan.


The author's advice to you is that if you are not a particularly demanding friend, you can completely choose the gm car seat, there is no need to spend a high price to order, because most models, ordered with the GM car seat, the difference is not very obvious! Click to see more

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