Car foot rest,the best Car foot mats 2022.

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Car foot rest,the best Car foot mats 2022.Car foot mats sorted by.Leather, sponge, non-woven, eva or xpe (eva toxic, xpe environmental protection), non-slip bottom.

1, Advantages: all covered, there is a class (Chinese leather thinking, there is leather only high-grade).

2, Disadvantages: not dirty (a foot of mud up you know dirty), difficult to clean, easy to hide dirt, unhealthy. Analysis: all the full surround leather foot mats are used to glue, you think about it, five layers of material how to fuse to a piece? Must have used the glue ...... non-toxic glue as far as I know does not exist.

In addition, the full surroundings foot mats are divided into two kinds, one molding and stitching (also known as Hang embroidery). Suggestions: eva material do not buy (less than 300 yuan), xpe recommended to buy more than 400, but this material is basically spliced, splicing are going to line, line will have to needle perforation, perforated words ...... car with mud and water will seep into the interior of the foot pad ... ...not clean at all, long-term words will breed bacteria, unless you half a year to change the mats, but on the whole, the full-wrapped leather mats do have some class than the silk circle mats.


The full surroundings of the silk circle foot mats (lawn silk circle foot mats)] material: high elastic silk (and not silk circle foot mats of the silk circle), xpe or eva, non-slip bottom. Advantages: all covered, stain-resistant, easy to take care of disadvantages: poor footing, not very upscale, not environmentally friendly. Analysis: foot mats with eva or xpe material are to glue composite, that is not environmentally friendly, see my analysis in the full-wraparound leather foot mats.


【Wraparound leather silk circle foot mats】Material: that is, in the full-wraparound leather foot mats and then lay a layer of silk circle foot mats. Advantages: all covered, classy. Disadvantages: not environmentally friendly One of a kind, ignore the safety, beautiful and most importantly, full is the most easy and perhaps the most neglected details of many car owners purchasing car mats. Many people in the selection of car foot mats, usually dominated by their favorite color and appearance.

But in the function of the car foot mats, the role of safety and comfort is to have priority, safety and slip is for the car foot mats is the main, in the detailed purchase, must not be tempted by the color and appearance, to think thoroughly, and to try the car before. Second, the foot mats do not matter if they are resistant to dirt The foot mats bear the cleanliness of the car, and to build a sound and warm environment inside the car.



Assuming that the car's foot mats are not dirty, then every day in and out of the car to hide the dust, rain, to a large extent, will affect the car's sound environment and air breathing, so the foot mats dirty is also very important. The foot mats are resistant to dirt depends on the material, woolen material is not suitable as a car foot mats. Because of the wool type of car mats are not dirty, it is inevitable to regularly clean, regular cleaning will shorten the life of the mats and affect its use function.


And in many foot mats products, rubber material type of foot mats is better.


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