The best baby girl car seat stroller sets

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The best baby girl car seat stroller sets.

Child safety seat is a baby's family travel essential things, but many parents do not know which brand to choose when buying and selling, there are too many categories of safety seats on the market, so which brand is the best? Child safety seat ranking, take a look at it ~


Child safety seat ranking, more and more city regulations began to converge with international standards, such as the provisions of the correct use of safety seats to carry children in the car, to a certain extent, to promote the awareness of parents of safety seats to enhance the use of safety seats for families gradually increased.


Baby travel safety.When you go out, the use of folding stroller will bring you a lot of convenience and ease of feeling, stroller should be strong, non-toxic, good braking performance.


If the baby rides in a private car, the same should be put on the baby seat belt or placement of safety seat, the car should pay attention to ventilation, as little as possible to use air conditioning. The interior decoration of the car should choose environmentally friendly, elemental materials.

Take public transportation, try to avoid the peak flow of people, such as commuting, holidays, etc.. This is when the car is generally quite crowded and the air is bad, so if necessary, put a mask on your baby.

Install a rear seat to the bike, take the child out both convenient and fast, the rear seat of the bike must have a small footrest, in case the child's small feet hanging, inadvertently stranded feet. At the same time, the rear seat and the wheel should be separated on the plastic or tin plate, so that the child's small feet can not reach the wheel.


What is a safety seat?Safety seat (Safety seat) refers to a seat tied to the car seat, is a restraint protection role of the car's secondary equipment, generally referred to as the safety seat, child safety seat, child car seat and car protection seat, etc., are referred to the safety seat. Child safety seat is only for small children to ride and in the event of a car accident, the child restraint to protect the child's safety seat. So, what brand of child safety seat is good? What is the ranking of the top ten child safety seats? Here are the top ten child safety seat ranking situation, to ensure that you buy before the needs.
Top ten child safety seat brand ranking

Top ten children's safety seat ranking one: good child

Good child, is a distinguished member of the world's children's products industry and one of the leaders, China's most famous brand of baby products, dedicated to providing mother and child families with a full range of safe, durable and stylish fish supplies. Such a child safety seat, wide comfortable seat two-way mode, with exclamatory breathable sponge, spacious and comfortable coexist.


Top ten children's safety seat ranking two: LuTuLuo

Lutule child safety seat brand, is focused on children's travel safety, to create China's own children's safety seat, is a famous brand under the Shanghai Li enough e-commerce Co. Lutule child safety seat as a national enterprise, national brand, has the responsibility and obligation to contribute to the safety of Chinese children in cars, and will be a long-term escort for Chinese children traveling by car.


Top ten children's safety seat ranking three: Bebe Cassie

Bebe Casey child safety seat is a special seat for children produced by Jiangsu Baijiast Automobile Products Co. The company's "Bebe Casey" brand products collection of chemical materials science, ergonomics, mechanics, aesthetics and other multidisciplinary professional. The European child car safety concept into the country, with the help of efficient, scientific, modern team brand, has been committed to child car safety as its responsibility, each "Beibei Casey" products are cohesive sense of love and life.


Top ten child safety seat ranking four: McKay

Ltd. is a professional engaged in child safety seat design, production, sales and service in one of the enterprises. The company is located in Zhao'an County, Fujian Province, the location is very advantageous, is the current domestic scale of professional child safety seat manufacturers.


Top ten child safety seat ranking five: harmony and

Germany CONCORD company was founded in 1978, its headquarters is located in Germany's most developed industrial Bayern State, the products are loved and sought after by users in 53 countries around the world.


Top ten child safety seat ranking six: thanksgiving

Ltd. is located in the production base of national automotive products, mold township Taizhou. The company specializes in research and development, production of child safety seats. Has a high-quality R & D team. In the spirit of caring for children's car safety, the developed regions of Europe and the United States to introduce the concept of child car safety to the domestic purpose, so that every future hope to get care, protection and respect is our "thanksgiving people" unremitting efforts to achieve the goal.


Top ten child safety seat ranking seven: child star

Ltd. a focus on car child safety seat research and development and production, is the largest domestic manufacturer of child safety seats, its child seat brand "child star" the introduction of German technology, Italian design, has developed and designed many safe, comfortable and practical car child safety seat. Child Star is the only manufacturer in China has an international touch twist testing laboratory, the production of each batch of seats are required to sample the collision experiments to ensure that each batch of seats are in line with national standards.


Top ten child safety seat ranking eight: baby first

"Baby first" car child safety seat as the first independent research and development and production of car child safety seat brand, access to two national invention patents, is the first in Greater China through the European ECE R44/04 safety standard certification of the brand, and as the first independent manufacturer of baby Mac infant products Limited is also China's earliest European and North American safety testing and certification of safety seat manufacturing enterprises.


Top ten child safety seat ranking nine: Rui Kaiwei

RECARO Rakeway group by RECARO Rakeway aviation seat company (RECARO Aircraft Seating), RECARO Rakeway child safety seat company (RECARO Child Safety) and RECARO Rakeway holding company (RECARO Holding). RECARO Rakeway car seat manufacturing company (RECARO Automotive Seating) to license the right to use the RECARO Rakeway brand. RECARO Rakeway brand is known as the seat experts, the pursuit of "sit and ride experts.


Top ten child safety seat ranking ten: Wellton

"WellDon / Wheeldon" child car seat is "in, Canada (Canada) joint venture" enterprise Wheeldon company's leading patented products, its Chinese name is "Wheeldon "; the company's products in Europe, South Korea, Japan and other global more than 30 countries and regions in the high-end market are quite reputable, design style and product quality are well recognized by customers. "Welldon / Wheldon" is the only domestic implementation of the chair body components "full injection" process products, so that its products in the structure of the standard, component stability, product durability and use of security are difficult to achieve other processes.


Installation of child safety seat considerations

1, to determine the product made according to what standard, now on the market common products generally comply with the EC ECE-R44/03 standard. For the applicable seat belt also has a description, generally in line with the UN/ECE16 standard or other equivalent standards of three-point or retractable car seat belt.

2、It is necessary to clarify the applicable age range of this product. Installation before use to read the instructions carefully, and it is required not to make any changes to the seat or add parts, otherwise it may seriously affect other safety and function. When not carrying a child, the child safety seat must also be fixed with the car seat belt. Even if not in the car, children located in the seat must always be tied tightly by the protective belt.

3. Children must not be left alone in the car seat or in an unattended situation. If the child seat is damaged in an accident, it should be replaced promptly.

4. Do not leave the buckle in a semi-locked position.

5, do not let the seat contact corrosive substances.


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