Weather tech car mats sale,weather tech car mats price.

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Weather tech car mats sale,weather tech car mats price.

In the matter of looking at the temperament, people rely on clothing, Buddha relies on gold, the car depends on the interior. When it comes to the temperament of the car interior, a large extent is determined by the car seat cushion, after all, it is the most conspicuous and occupies the largest area. So do you know what the best-looking car seat cushion this year?

Health seat cushion

This year, health seat cushion gradually become one of the popular trends of automotive supplies, in addition to having the basic seat cushion function also has a health function, many brands have also begun to focus on, such as the automotive aftermarket well-known brand Wu Fu Jinniu launched at the beginning of the lemon health seat cushion, this product is built-in more than twenty kinds of pure natural precious spices, rich in citral, with natural lemon flavor, long-term use can and gas through the stomach, brain, sterilization and other effects, these ordinary seat cushion does not have the highlights is where its advantages.


Reason: health and wellness

Super-sensitive leather seat cushion

Living in a city where you can experience four seasons in a week, if you change the seat cushion according to the climate, you will be busy every day. This time, super-sensitive leather seat cushion is the best choice.


Super-sensitive leather is softer than ordinary leather, can achieve the dual function of "heat conduction" and "heat gathering", simply put, "winter warmth and summer cool" four seasons. Never worry about the sun after the seat hot, and do not have to fear the cold weather seat cold.

Reason: Four-season universal

Ice silk seat cushion

The perfect fit design plays a very important role for the car space decoration, unique ice silk material has the essence of cotton, silk quality, moisture content rate most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin, soft and comfortable, breathable and refreshing fashion color scheme is to add a touch of bright color for the summer.


Reason: breathable and soothing

Bamboo charcoal sheet seat cushion

The porous structure of bamboo charcoal can effectively absorb the smell of exhaust, sweat, air conditioning odor and smoke, and the negative ions generated by it can purify the air and keep the air in the car fresh. At the same time, bamboo charcoal has strong moisture absorption and breathability suitable for all kinds of climate use. Good luck cattle seat cushion of the five golden cows combines the functionality of bamboo charcoal and the aesthetics of visual perception into one.


Reason: Bamboo charcoal absorbs odors

Exchangeable Gasket Seat Cushion

Usually car owners (especially in the north) need to buy two sets of seat cushions a year: "winter cushion" and "summer cushion", but the design of the changeable cushion reduces a lot of trouble for car owners. Exchangeable seat cushion adopts innovative modular design, backrest and seat surface trim block can be individually removed and replaced, rare rosewood cushion and comfortable plush cushion for summer and winter, with the winter warmth and summer cool effect of super-sensitive leather, truly four seasons commonly used.


Reason: exchangeable gasket design

Cowboy leather seat cushion

The new generation of young car owners, they will not stick to a style, hope they are a family of personality and fashion. Just like the classical cowboy, it advocates the "free" cowboy spirit interpretation of the original self, cowboy culture in our life is also everywhere, this cowboy leather seat cushion with large diamond embroidery, more intuitive to let people feel the fashion unrestrained cowboy style, showing the wild passion.


Recommended reason: personality and fashion

Today's recommendation of these six seat cushions are universal 3D design, Wu Fu Jinniu as a universal 3D seat cushion leader, in the design of the product on the original car seat structure for scientific division, to achieve a unique 3D three-dimensional molding, humanized surround design does not affect the airbag ejected, beautiful fit, installed after a straight line to enhance the vehicle grade.


In terms of model adaptation, the rear row adopts adjustable design, most of the popular five-seater models on the market can be installed. The bottom of the seat cushion with non-slip silicone bottom in the case of non-abrasive original leather firmly fixed in the seat, whether it is leather, sponge, glue and other raw materials are also certified by international testing institutions, environmental protection and safety.


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