Car seat sets:Cars are being used more and more frequently and for longer and longer periods of time

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Car seat sets:Cars are being used more and more frequently and for longer and longer periods of time, and they are fast becoming our "second home". We always want to make it more comfortable, more neat and beautiful. Car cushions, can increase the sense of car interior decoration, more highlight the taste of the car owner.

Life needs a game, but not a game of life; life needs a song and dance, but not drunkenness; life needs art, but not speculation; life needs courage, but not reckless brutality; life needs to repeat, but not repeat the same mistakes, life as tea, meditation to.

Ltd. focus on the field of automotive interior supplies for 12 years, has a wealth of experience in the production and design of automotive supplies, the launch of a series of unique tea car cushion, the company strictly control each production process, dedicated to thousands of consumers with higher quality, higher comfort of car cushion products.

Car cushion, the use of direct drinking of high-quality Tieguanyin tea, as a cushion filler, tea can adsorb odors, decomposition of formaldehyde, especially the smell of smoke and sweat in the car has a strong role in eliminating.

After using the car Pinge tea seat cushion, a car door, are full of tea fragrance, as if into the tea garden, clothes are light tea fragrance, fresh and natural tea fragrance is better than the senior perfume.

Caffeine in tea can stimulate the body's central nervous system, to refresh the brain, improve attention, enhance driving safety, relieve driving fatigue.

Tea has a deodorizing, antibacterial effect on bacteria, viruses have a significant inhibitory and killing effect, there are a number of professors and experts experimentally proved that tea can effectively kill the new coronavirus.

Tea has a fragrant smell, has the function of clearing heat and relieving summer heat, tea also has antioxidant, anti-radiation effect, can slow down skin aging, with beauty and skin care benefits.

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In addition to the revolutionary reform of the car cushion brought about by the high-quality filler, the car cushion fabrics are also used in senior suits, dress fabrics finely customized. The materials used are exquisite and high class! The appearance is simple and elegant, low-key and introverted, with high-quality leather accessories and exquisite hand-stitching technology, fashionable and elegant, showing the owner's dignity and taste.

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As the founder of the tea car cushion, car brand focus on the user's word of mouth, experience. Constantly improve the product always lead the development of China's auto interior industry. Car brand products, in the branded development of the first road, adhere to provide car owners with the best quality products, with industry conscience interpretation of high-quality car living new life. In the future development of the brand, we will not forget the original intention and forge ahead.

On the way to insist on innovation and continuous improvement of services, we need more like-minded partners to join us and do a good job in the last mile of brand products and services, welcome more partners in the auto decoration and beauty industry to consult and cooperate.

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