Ventilated car seat cushion,cooling car seat cushion review 2021!

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Ventilated car seat cushion,cooling car seat cushion review 2021!Hello, everyone. I'm David, who loves geek. Today is not 300 seconds to buy a car, buy a car 300 seconds to buy so many periods, but also help you choose so many cars, today to talk with you after the car. Like this big summer, many drivers and I am afraid the same, as long as a ride on the car this buttocks and back are all sweat. It doesn't matter how much the air conditioner is turned on, which is said to have a negative impact on male drivers' fertility problems.



Of course, I don't know if this is true or not, but you see, I'm so young and not married, I have to be careful. There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to change a new car, of course, this new car must have ventilation seat function. Another way is to spend less money, which is the protagonist of this issue, ventilation cushion.



First of all, some friends must not know what is ventilation cushion? Basically, it's a seat cushion with an electric fan. Through the fan at the bottom, plus the air circulation channel reserved in the cushion, and then through the surface hole to blow the wind to the buttocks and back, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling, and the air circulation in the cushion itself will also make the cushion cool. Of course, it should be emphasized here that the ventilation cushion has no refrigeration function. If you have air conditioning in your car, it will naturally blow cool air. But if it's hot inside, it's hot.

Well said so much, that ventilation seat cushion exactly how to buy it? Taobao on search, also is 300 400 $ or so, a bit better can go up 600$. The difference in price is basically the difference between the number of materials, fans and the number of functions. For example, some cloth, some imitation leather, and seats with massage and heating functions. Today I have chosen three, card decoration club brand of pure cloth single fan entry 239 $, new clan brand leather four fans 178 yuan, and high-end Rui Shang brand leather mixed single fan charged heating and massage 398 $. Basically, we can cover all three of them with different materials, different fans, heating and massage. Well, when we're done, we'll know which one to buy.



The beginning also said that today's three cushions are mesh cloth, imitation leather and leather cloth mix. Let's start with our cheapest seat cushion, which is made mainly of mesh and has a lot of round plastic inside. This is mainly to keep your butt from sitting on it, so that the air vent is not all blocked to leave some space. But the overall seat cushion is not very soft, and it is not particularly comfortable to sit on. Plus, the cheapest seat has nothing under it to keep it from slipping, and if you're a leather seat, even the hooks get caught, and it's slippery. Say not pleasant to listen to, my own that leather chair did not feel hot, a sitting on this I feel hot instead. Of course, if you are a fabric chair, this situation is probably better.


The second faux leather seat, the first thing I felt when I put it on was that it wouldn't rattle like the first one. It would have these little rubber balls underneath it, and basically I would sit on it and just rub it right and left and there would be no shaking. It will also have some soft filling inside, but it will also be thicker. But the leather cover is not very good, and neither is over $200. I'm sure it doesn't compare to the original, and it feels just fine.

In the end, we got a luxury seat cushion from Amazon for $498. As a seat cushion, among other things, it's far more comfortable than the first two. The back of it will also have some anti-skid treatment, spread after the basic will not move back and forth, the overall softness is also very suitable. The area is also larger, basically can cover whole chair face. And its mesh part is also very thick, leather feel better than the previous one. The bottom lid also covers the fan, preventing it from getting in the way of your legs. But the disadvantage is that the bottom hook is not very tight, I sit a little bit, the bottom hook will loosen. You can adjust the length of the elastic band according to their own car, a little fold a seam.


In terms of material, the most expensive is definitely the most comfortable. Next comes the cheapest one, the one made of pure cloth. We put the leather one last, because it's got a fan that's, like, a little butt-ass. Still have that leather that is imitation is really too times, touch not line, and then a blow still have flavor. So I advise you not to buy this cheap imitation leather.



As a ventilation cushion, the most important is definitely its air volume. These three cushion fan design is not quite the same. Like the cheapest one and the most expensive one, both have a single fan underneath, and the wind comes in from this fan and blows out from the bottom up. To be honest, when I first bought this seat cushion, my biggest concern was actually this thing, it was between my legs, AND I wondered if it would get in my way while I was driving. In fact, I found that this effect is really minimal, sometimes a little encounter, in fact, it is no big deal.


The third, the most expensive, did get a little chilly right after we drove it to maximum air volume. The back is finally able to feel the wind, we from the mesh itself raised, is also a very obvious reflection of the wind volume. Of course, its way of wind is also the bottom of a fan driven, so the back of the wind is certainly not comparable to the chair surface.


Ventilated car seat cushion,cooling car seat cushion review 2021!


Use the best experience of the third seat cushion, open the switch after, really immediately sit down. If your air conditioner has a low air switch, you will definitely be cooler. After we test the water today to buy you three products summed up three points. 1. Never buy fake leather. First of all, the leather is smelly, and then if you sit on the opening of the leather, it will also block the mouth, resulting in no wind. 2. Don't buy the fan in the middle. Not only will you feel a noticeable vibration, but you'll also bump your butt. 3, if you buy ventilation cushion, must not imagine what calm. It's bound to make a lot of noise, which you have to live with. Out of the three cushions, I would recommend the last one, the $498 leather patchwork cushion from Ruizhang. But it's not exactly perfect. The perfect situation is to take out the vibrating waist point. As for the other two, in short, they are rubbish. Finally send you six words of truth, you get what you pay for.


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