What is ice silk car seat

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Before understanding ice silk car seat, we first have to figure out what is ice silk. First of all, the name sounds like a cool feeling, which should be a kind of material used in summer. --more-->

So, is ice silk made of chemical fiber?

On the contrary, the raw material of ice silk is mainly natural cotton skin, which is extracted by some scientific methods. As for the specific method, we don't need to go into deep research.

Ice silk car seat is mainly used in the material is ice silk, so what is the characteristics of this material of the car seat?

Ice silk car seat cushion

1. Because the density of its fiber is loose, so the air permeability is very good, can achieve the effect of automatic moisture control.

2 in the hot summer, our car is inevitably exposed to the sun, if the car is used in the ice silk cushion, the sun heating speed is relatively slow, to a certain extent can be said that the ice silk cushion has the effect of heat resistance.

3 although the use of ice silk car seat with linen seat is bad, but in terms of touch, ice silk to a little more soft, and ice silk car seat mainly light color, for a long time driving friends, will not be so easy to cause visual fatigue.

Of course, there are many advantages of ice silk cushion, which is why it is so popular in summer. The following is the author to you out of the sales and reputation are still good three ice silk car cushion, for your reference:

The first paragraph: tiger bell ice silk car MATS

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