What are the car seat fabrics?

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What are the car seat fabrics

A car seat that the current market, brand is various, not only the material of car MATS are also very much, this leads to some small white users we do not know to do often when the choose and buy, in the previous articles I have give you analyze the brand of car MATS, come and talk to you today, what are the common car cushion material.


Common car seat fabrics are generally divided into the following 5 kinds:


1. Bamboo fiber car seat


This is also called bamboo woven car cushion, the price is relatively low, can be said to be a kind of cheap cushion, generally speaking, the summer is used more, there is no truth or falsehood, after all, the cost is very low, there is no need to fake!


2. Linen car seat


Previous articles also and everybody said, flax is one of our ancestors first to use the natural plant fiber, because has a long history and a lot of people has a lot of words can't describe feelings on linen, linen car seat there are plenty of advantages, such as strong, tender, good color, fibre strength big, in the water not perishable rotten, friction resistance, high temperature resistant, heat faster, and so on. Flax car seat belongs to the ranks of high-end seat, the price of nature is not cheap!


Flax car MATS in detail: https://www.car-cushions.com/19.html


3. Ice silk car seat


Ice silk is a material extracted from natural cotton skin through special technology, which is equivalent to a material formed by secondary processing of cotton material. It is also widely used in automobile cushion and other knitting industries. Its advantages are that the fiber structure is loose, good air permeability, and slow heating in sunshine, etc. Ice silk car seat cushion seems to have become a hot summer material!


Ice silk car MATS in detail: https://www.car-cushions.com/7.html


4. Leather car seat


A lot of friends who drive high-grade cars like leather, in general, leather seat is made of leather, the real use of this kind of car seat is actually not much, because many high-grade cars themselves as leather made of all bags, plus a leather car seat, would be cumbersome.


5. Bamboo charcoal car seat


Unlike the bamboo fiber car cushion mentioned above, this is an environmentally friendly cushion. Its biggest advantage is that it can adsorb toxic molecules in the car to a certain extent, so as to achieve the effect of purifying the air in the car. Of course, the price is also expensive!


The above is just a list of several common car cushion materials with you, there are some uncommon, more inclined to high-end, such as silk car cushion, jade cushion, etc., these cushions in a strict sense, more in order to foil the identity of the owner, so as to echo the value of the car.

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