Purple wind bell car cushion

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Many people may not have heard of the purple fengling brand, it is not surprising, the purple fengling car cushion brand can be regarded as the new flag show of the automotive interior industry, so the car cushion quality and price of the brand? This article will talk to you!


1. Quality and price


Purple wind bell car seat basically adopts imported Denny skin or plant fiber material, so this brand of seat permeability is very good.


In addition, it has the characteristics of wear - resistant, and can not be washed. Its price is more close to the people, the price of all types of cushion is basically in the price range of 400~1000, belonging to the mid-range products.


2, material and appearance


Purple fengling car cushion with integrated design, the installation of environmental protection bundled design, so to the car airbag to reserve enough space, comfort and safety to meet at the same time.


The car seat of this brand health care class is generally filled with cassia seed, buckwheat and other Chinese herbal medicine, the external material is leather velvet, soft touch, so it has a good health effect. But for high-end and quality requirements of consumers, it is recommended to refer to other high-end brands.


Purple wind bell car cushion of good quality, simple appearance, installation is convenient. The brand is a leader in mid-range car seat cushions.


But may not be able to meet the pursuit of high-end car friends requirements. It is the choice of car friends who pursue comfortable health care. At the same time, the brand is also the love of the working class, car friends can rest assured to buy. Click to see more

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