How about a Nile car seat? Is it expensive?

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Nowadays, with the decrease of the price of private cars, it is very common to have a middle and senior private cars. More and more families have bought a transport car.


Naturally, car seat after the car has to buy, car seat at the moment of a wide variety of brands, types of complex, this article is mainly to talk to you about the Nile car cushion.


Nile car cushion


Nile cushion is a product of Henan Nile Industrial Co., LTD., the company has been established for more than 20 years of history, the car cushion category is generally divided into the following three:


1. Nile linen car seat


We all know that the flax is one of the relatively high quality of a material, used to make car MATS have wear-resisting, friction, high temperature resistant, heat resistant, fast, waterproof and so on many of the advantages, the Nile linen car cushion materials aspect is exquisite, but friends when real choice, still need to carefully consider!


2. Nile Ice silk car seat


Ice silk car seat in the past also shared with you, breathable performance is very good, but also the sun heating slow advantages, but the Nile ice silk car seat market share is not very high, the overall price is high.


3. Nile Buffalo leather car seat


Buffalo leather car seat believe few people have heard of, other brands under this material is also relatively rare, buffalo leather seat appearance looks bright color, air permeability is good, and more antibacterial and dirty. Because it is genuine leather, so the price of natural also expensive!


In general, the main production and sales products of Nile company are not car cushions, and there is no great superiority in terms of cost performance. The above analysis is only for your reference! Click to see more

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