How about a linen car seat? Is it expensive?

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How about a linen car seat? Is it expensive?

Flax can be regarded as the earliest natural plant fiber used in human history. It has a history of more than ten thousand years. Today, linens are still one of the most popular knitted goods!


Especially in the car seat this piece, a lot of people in their car with a seat, generally give priority to linen car seat. So why are linen car seats so popular? It is because the flax car seat has many advantages, such as: tough, fine, good color, fiber strength, in the water is not perishable, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, heat dissipation, low dust absorption rate, not easy to tear, not easy to burn, no static electricity, high acid and alkali resistance and so on.


But you like flax car MATS friends please note, linen car cushion is not particularly good maintenance, especially when washing, be very careful, otherwise very easy corrugate, recommend when washing linen car MATS, water had better not exceed 30 degrees, and remember to natural air drying, don't dry or use the washing machine dehydration.


As for the price of the linen car seat, according to the different brands, the production process is different, the price difference will be very big, should be the requirements of a few users, here to recommend a few cost-effective car seat, you can refer to:


The first model: Tiger bell linen car seat


The second: Kahn linen car cushion

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