How to choose high quality ice silk cushion

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How to choose high quality ice silk cushion

In the previous article, simple to introduce you to the  what is ice silk cushion  and the benefits of ice silk cushion, so in this sorching summer, How can we choose high quality ice silk car seat? In fact, very simple, a few steps: --more-->

Ice silk car cushion identification

1. See the appearance

High quality ice silk car seat, generally speaking, the whole is very full thick, tightly woven.

2. Look at work

Good ice silk car seat, whether manual or mechanism, can be seen at a glance its well-made, without any extra leakage.

3. Feel the surface

Ice silk in the industry, divided into thick ice silk and fine ice silk, and high-quality car cushion is generally made of thick ice silk, with the naked eye can easily see the cushion surface has 3D three-dimensional sense, when people sit up, there will be a 3D gap between the skin and the cushion, which is very good for the removal of heat dredging.

Inferior ice silk car seat, when people sit up, is almost a plane, and there is no gap between the skin and the seat, very bad for heat dissipation and sweat circulation, especially in summer, this is a very deadly problem!

4. See the feel

Good ice silk car cushion, in the hand to touch, give us the feeling should be smooth, but also with a trace of cool feeling, and inferior ice silk cushion feel will be rough.

Although said ice silk car seat cost is not very high, but some domestic businesses will still have a lot of people with conscience shoshod! So it is recommended that you pay more attention to the above points when you buy ice silk car seat, do not buy inferior ice silk made of ice silk car seat!

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