Which kinds of car seat cushion are divided into?

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In the face of a dazzling array of car seat on the market, not only so many brands make it difficult for consumers to choose, even if there are a lot of kinds of car seat under the same brand, ordinary consumers are more difficult to distinguish which car seat is the most suitable for their own.


About various types of car seat, I in the previous article and you have analyzed in detail, has not been a more detailed summary, today's article to do a summary with you, to straighten out the idea: at present the more common car seat is divided into what kind?


Ice silk car seat


With some of the other nylon chemical fiber car MATS made of different material, such as the real ice silk car cushion material is a natural face refined to car MATS made of this material has the properties of soft, slow the sunshine warming, permeability is good wait for an advantage, generally suitable for use in the summer, detailed introduction about ice silk car MATS, can consult me before this article:




2. Bamboo woven car seat cushion


This kind of car cushion is a little similar to the mat we usually see, divided into big bamboo with small bamboo, its advantage is cool, low price, very suitable for use in summer, the disadvantage is that the quality of a material is not soft enough, sit for a long time butt will be uncomfortable, especially the friends who drive a long distance car, it is best not to choose this kind of cushion.


3. Linen car seat


Flax car cushion is a kind of relatively high-end cushion, there are many advantages such as strong, good colour and lustre, low dust absorption rate and so on, but the real natural pure linen car MATS less on the market at present, more than for linen, if it is a natural linen, the price will be higher, detailed review about the linen car cushion, can have a look at this article:




4. Leather car seat


In the car seat this piece, we generally say that the leather is made of buffalo leather or cattle leather, the advantages of leather is also very much, in addition to having very good flexibility, also has very good air permeability. Leather car seat on the market is still relatively common, you can refer to my article:




5. Denny car seat


There are many kinds of names, such as Denny leather as PVC leather, because the price of leather is higher, so the emergence of Denny leather is to make up for this regret, now the production process of Denny leather, made of car seat, many performance has surpassed the leather car seat.


But compared with the leather cushion, there is one thing is not as good as it, that is, the air permeability, Denny can not have a natural cell air hole like the dermis, so the air permeability is far worse than the dermis. For a detailed review of your car seat, please refer to my post:


Of course, there may be more than these five types of car seat, what I said above is currently a more common type of car seat, I hope to help you, as for the article did not mention, you can look through my previous articles, or in this article to leave me a message, I will reply to you one by one!

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