Intelligent car seat detailed evaluation

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On the intelligent car cushion, the industry has been mixed. In recent days, there have been netizens asking questions about intelligent car seat, today to use an article to share with you about the relevant knowledge of intelligent car seat.


What is a smart car seat?


Smart car seat although the name is very tall, in fact is not how high-tech, in general, built-in fan cooling or massage function of the car seat, we call it smart car seat.


And most friends are concerned about, may be more refrigeration type of car seat, the refrigeration here, is not like air conditioning refrigeration, but a built-in cooling fan to achieve a ventilation effect.


Smart car cushion which is better?


This problem may also be a lot of friends concerned about, there are fewer manufacturers in the market to do smart car seat, one this product is not widely accepted by the public, two to this cushion has a certain technical content.


This also leads to friends in the choice of time do not know how to start, here to introduce a few, for your reference:


The first: Youlong intelligent car cushion


From the perspective of design, this kind of youlong intelligent car cushion can meet the needs of most models, with air cooling system and waist massage system. At present, this kind of market share is relatively high, and the reputation of users is good.


The second: Ijubao intelligent car cushion


This intelligent car cushion of The yi Jubao, compared with the previous one, has a further improvement in this aspect of the massage system. Cushion material uses ice silk to be made, the guide hole of the surface also does more science.


Is smart car seat necessary after all? This is also a lot of people struggle with the problem, my personal opinion and view is that for the intelligent car seat of heat dissipation, in very hot weather, it is necessary to use one.


Because of the hot weather, the air conditioning effect in the car will not play a big role, especially for long-distance car friends, cushion has a certain ventilation effect, it is not easy to accumulate sweat, people will not be so easy to feel tired.


As for the massage health function, this individual feel the actual use is not very big!

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