What is bamboo charcoal car seat? Which one is good?

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Bamboo charcoal is the raw material is mountain bamboo, after high temperature firing and become, because of its porous physical structure, so it has a very strong adsorption, long used for dehumidification deodorization and odor removal.


We often say that the bamboo charcoal car seat, in fact, is made of bamboo charcoal as filler car seat, this kind of car seat is mainly classified as health care car seat.


Mainly plays a role in purifying the air in the car, such as adsorption of some more common toxic and harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and so on.


So, bamboo charcoal car seat which is better? How can you buy the car seat of real bamboo charcoal?


Here I want to tell you is that at present really in the bamboo charcoal car seat manufacturers are very few, most of the reasons may be due to the public for health care class of this car seat recognition is not high, and its price is more expensive, low market share, basically not too much profit to figure.


But since you have demand, I recommend a bamboo charcoal car cushion for your reference here, at present this is the only one to do more formal bamboo charcoal car cushion business.


This bamboo charcoal car cushion I also mentioned in previous articles, is a complete series, including the padding inside the bamboo charcoal material, which greatly increases the distribution of bamboo charcoal space in the car, so as to effectively improve the absorption efficiency of bamboo charcoal in the cushion.


There are also many colors to choose from, but they are all dark colors. If you don't like the dark colors, or if your car interior is mainly white, maybe this one is not so suitable.


Price, relative to the general ordinary car seat is more expensive, a set down to more than a thousand dollars, suggest that the economic conditions are better friends can consider it! Click to see more

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