Which leather car seat is good?

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Which leather car seat is good

Now most models of the original seat is made of leather material, we choose to install the purpose of car seat, which has a very important factor may be to protect the original leather seat.


Because the original leather seat once damaged, replace up trouble does not say, and the cost is more expensive, this time in the car to install a car cushion is particularly important.


But many people still love leather, other materials of the car seat into his eyes, so, now leather car seat which categories will be better?


Here are a few for your reference!


The first model: SAFEBET/ Black and Decker leather car seat


This black leather car seat is made of cowhide. The reason why it is recommended for your reference is that the color of this model is rich and diverse. There are 11 colors for you to choose from, so that you can choose the color similar to your own car interior, and have a greater choice space.


The second model: Mazbon leather car seat


This mercedes-benz leather car seat material is also used cowhide, compared with the previous one, the color category is relatively simple, only four color, respectively, black, beige, brown, gray.


Finally, I want to remind you that leather car seat is generally special car, there are few general type, if you do not find a ready-made model, the basic will provide customized services, recommended high-end models to use.

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