Two high cost performance flax car seat test

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As a natural plant fiber, flax has been used as a high quality weaving material by our ancestors since ancient times. With the progress of our modern civilization, more and more synthetic fibers seem to be replacing this natural linen material.


But natural flax material, because of its own very many advantages, artificial synthetic fiber can not be simulated and can not be replaced. At present, linen car seat, belongs to the more high-end car seat, in the high-end crowd consumption is still more popular!


Then the current market linen car seat, counterfeit is still very much, ordinary little white users can not identify with selection, in view of this, the country today to share with you the current mainstream two genuine linen car seat.


The first: the four seasons along the way general linen car cushion


Along the way of this linen car seat, the design is still relatively decent, surface material for high-quality linen, inside the filler for buckwheat shell. You may all know that buckwheat shell has a certain adsorption effect, so for the removal of odor in the car or has a certain effect!


The second model: Tiger bell linen car seat

In the previous article also shared with you, Tiger bell car cushion market share is still quite high. However, the sales volume of this linen car seat is mediocre, user reputation is generally good. The surface material is natural flax, filling is also buckwheat shell.


Pillow this, filling for anion, as for the health effect, I think it is just a gimmick, but we are running with linen car seat, if it is purely for health care, you can go to buy a professional health care type of car seat, this I will share with you in the future article!


In general, although the linen car seat, whether it is air permeability or comfort, are suitable for the four seasons, but personal advice is the best summer or choose ice silk car seat, especially in the summer temperature is relatively high.

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