Ice silk car cushion which is good

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new ice silk car cushion

The weather is getting hot, a lot of friends in the purchase of summer car seat often confused, I give you here is the advice, if you want to save money, then you can be equipped with bamboo car cushion.


If you don't want to save hundreds of dollars, you can consider the ice silk car seat, about what is ice silk car seat, you can take a look at this article I have written before, there is a very detailed explanation of what is ice silk car seat:


So, now the market of these brands of car seat, ice silk car seat which is good? Enumerate to everybody below come out a few as reference!


The first: the new ice silk car cushion along the way


The ice silk car seat cushion along the way is the main product of this brand along the way, which is also the latest model. The original material is high-quality ice silk. What is rare is that the surface is woven with four layers of ice silk, which makes its breathable function very good.


This is a general type, can be suitable for the market most brands of models, the overall weight of about 8 kg, in the hand feel more thick!


Second: Tiger bell new ice silk car cushion


This ice silk car cushion is also the new tiger bell this year, Tiger bell believe that friends who have bought car cushion should have heard of this brand, the industry is still very well-known.


Tiger bell this ice silk cushion cushion pillow, using anion filler, can purify the air in the car to a certain extent. Although this health function is a gimmick in a sense, it does not really work, but from this point of view, The Tiger in terms of user experience, is more careful!


The third: hand weaving ice silk cushion along the way


Along the way of this ice silk car cushion for hand knitting, but with pure hand knitting or a little different, the design of the double roll lace decoration, than the pure color will look more fresh. Moreover, the tensile resistance of this model is relatively strong, not easy to break. One drawback is that the brand new product is slightly harder.


The above is the current quality of the three car seat, the essence of the difference is not big, the price is similar, as for how to choose, it depends on personal preferences, according to their own car interior color to match is also a very good method!

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