What color is a good car seat?

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What color is a good car seat

Recently a lot of people to ask me what kind of car seat color will be better, in fact, for this question I have a little laugh and cry, because this question is actually no answer!


For the color of the problem, is the turnip green vegetables have their own love, everyone for the color of the likes or preferences are not the same, so can only provide a general direction, and the choice of color when some points, but not very absolute judgment that a certain color is good!


Usually the main colors in the car are dark and light. Some owners may feel that the color of the car seat cushion is different from the color of the car, which will make the car environment refreshing.


But I am very sorry to tell you that in terms of color collocation, there is indeed a contrast will be very beautiful, but the car as a closed space, if the light environment with a dark car seat cushion, this strong contrast will affect the mood of the owner.


So my advice to you is, if the car environment is light color, choose beige, white such light color of the car seat; On the contrary, if it is a dark interior environment, the choice of brown, coffee is more appropriate. The main need is to pursue the harmony and unity of the interior environment.


After matching with the interior environment, the appropriate choice of car seat cushion color will appear very special, such as red and black color with sports temperament, gray and black color with melancholy temperament, brown and black color with luxury temperament, and so on. This small broken color will make the interior space look more flexible and colorful.


Finally, there is a point to remind everyone, according to the theory of color engineering, you should not buy all black or white car seat cushion, it will appear that the car space is small, dull.

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