How about no-tie all weather car mats

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How about no-tie car seat

Many people may think that the installation of all weather car mats is very troublesome, in fact, this problem should be divided into two, the general car seat installation is relatively simple, is the all-inclusive car seat installation will take a little time.


Other general car seat, the installation of the steps are very simple, even if it is a novice has never installed all weather car mats, but also can be completed in a very short time!


At present on the market some of the so-called free car seat cushion, in fact, to cater to the psychology of people who are afraid of trouble put forward a conceptual product. May be a lot of people when they hear the no-tie, subconsciously think of this car seat directly thrown on the seat can be used!


More people should be worried about the firmness of the car seat when they hear this product. If they don't tie up, they will not slide on the seat. In fact, we are into a misunderstanding, the so-called free car cushion, is not completely fixed, it is just the largest degree of simplifying the installation of cumbersome steps, only a few key buckle, within a few minutes can be a five seat car cushion all installation and fixed!


Let's take a few minutes to check out this no-tie car seat demonstration video, and you should see what's going on! Just imagine, our car suddenly brake in the process of driving, if the car seat cushion is not any binding, it is not easy to slide out of the seat!


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