How much is the leather car seat

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Since the human society tanning, leather products have been deeply loved by people, even in a very long period of time, leather products symbolize the quality of life of the upper class! Today, I want to talk to you about leather car seat, in order to thoroughly understand the cost performance of leather car seat, we first want to understand what are the factors affecting the price of leather.


In other words, why the same leather material, why some prices are high, some prices are very cheap, generally there are two reasons:


1. Subdivision of the dermis


I do not know how many people have understood the production process of dermis, generally speaking, the animal's skin is divided into three layers, the first layer is hair, the second layer is epidermis, the third layer is dermis, also is the main component of raw skin, it is subcutaneous tissue behind dermis.


Leather has become the main raw material of leather in industrial society because of its natural cellular air holes and excellent toughness and softness.


2. Classification of genuine leather varieties


The animal skin that can be used for making leather is very much, our common is pigskin, cowhide, sheepskin, but in fact, almost all animal skin can be used for making leather, only the international has law of endangered animal protection, so what use most now also is above 3 kinds of genuine leather, because kind is different, the price is different also.


Generally speaking, we used leather car seat leather, the most common is the cofskin material, 5 seats about a full set of custom down, about two thousand pieces of the appearance! Click to see more

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