Three of rubber car mats test!

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There are a lot of friends in the choice of rubber car mats, for a lot of conceptual things are relatively vague, and they have too lazy to slowly understand the relevant knowledge, came to me and said, to recommend me a few hot now sell well and is a general type of rubber car mats!


So, in view of this part of the "lazy", the author specially spent a night to research and analysis, picked out the current real users to buy more, and the word of mouth generally good response of 3 car cushion, only for your reference!


The first model: Tiger bell car cushion main product


Tiger bell car cushion believe there should be a part of the people have heard of, can be regarded as a car cushion in a star brand, they also asked the famous host Yuan Yue to endorse. A company willing to pay a lot of money for celebrity endorsement, its product quality and after-sales aspects must be no problem.


This is a masterpiece of Tiger bell, there have been many improvements, seconds kill most models, material for the ice silk material. The pillow is a bright spot, which is filled with negative ions. Let's not care about how much it helps the health of the human body, at least, they have in a reasonable cost budget, as far as possible to please the user, which is worthy of praise!


This color variety is also more, such as beige, gold, gray and so on, for color sensitive friends, the optional space is also larger!


The second: the main product of car cushion along the way


In a way, the ice silk car cushion along the way can be said to be the king of its brand price, and very suitable for our summer to use.


In terms of color, it is relatively simple, with only two colors to choose from. This is divided into two types of full bag or half bag, about the full bag and half bag, I have shared with you in the previous article, cushion in fact, there is no strict sense of the full bag, only seat cover can have full bag, he said here the full bag cushion, just increase the cover area of the seat!


The third: Beautiful Laiya car seat main products


This beautiful laiya car seat main material is still high quality ice silk, overall design style is inclined to the overall sense of roundness, it seems that there is no refreshing bright spot, but sometimes, who says plain light is not true?


This has gray, brown, beige three colors for you to choose, specific can enter the Beautiful Laiya flagship store to view.


The above is to share with you now the most popular, real purchase user reflection is good 3 car seat, because it is a general type of car seat, these almost suitable for more than 98% of the models on the market, so for some "lazy" friends, may be able to give you a reference!


Any questions are welcome to leave me a message below the article, I will reply to you one by one!

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