Do you have a Denny leather car seat?

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Recently, some people asked about Denny leather car seat, today I will write an article to talk to you about the relevant knowledge of Denny leather car seat.

Danny is actually PVC material, scientific name polyvinyl vinyl, now the production process, Danny in terms of appearance or texture has been able to do the same as leather, so what are the characteristics of Danny?

1. The quick drying

Denny leather car seat is not easy to be permeated by water, the density of the epidermis, even if there is water, with a towel gently wipe, almost instantly dry, this point, even if leather can not be compared!

2. Good stability

Denny skin generally not because of some acid or other substances contaminated, deformation or discoloration, such as children's friends, children may often drink a variety of drinks in the car, if it is Denny skin cushion, completely don't worry about the child to get the drink to the cushion.

3. Soft texture

Denny leather soft and smooth, do not have a hard feeling, and later maintenance is relatively simple, unlike leather maintenance more trouble!

The above is the characteristics of Danny skin, in fact, is also an advantage, but any good product is two-sided, so what is the biggest disadvantage of Danny skin?

It just doesn't breathe! Because it's not like dermis, which, because it's taken from animals, has a lot of biological cell air holes on its surface, but Denny doesn't, so it's very poorly ventilated!

My advice to you is that Denny leather car seat can be bought, but try to use in the winter, and the temperature is not very low in the region, in the summer, it is not recommended that you use Denny leather car seat, recommended with ice silk or linen can be! Click to see more

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