Mistra name map car seat with what kind of good

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Mistra name map car seat with what kind of good

If Zhou's memory is correct, Beijing Hyundai's Mistra, which went on sale at the end of 2013, may not have been a hot seller in its own right. However, for friends who have bought a car, the choice of car seat is a must do. So, what kind of car seat with the map?


As I shared with you in the previous article, you can consider the use of universal cushion, there is no problem, you can take a look at the homepage of the station, there are more popular general car cushion evaluation and analysis.


Of course, if "not poor money" friends, you can also customize the way to give their own picture love car with a car cushion! Or get a special car special car cushion!


Custom is not to say, here to recommend you two special car seat:


The first: car laiyi name map special car seat


This cushion is relatively cheap, the material is mainly for simulation leather and ice silk weaving, the overall look is more beautiful atmosphere, there are a variety of colors for you to choose! You just get what you pay for, don't expect too much!


The second: Spring letter WHENFOR/ Wenfeng map car seat cushion


Wenfeng's car cushion price is relatively more expensive than the previous one, the material is mainly PU artificial leather with synthetic fiber woven breathable net, the appearance is relatively OK, with the name map will not appear small. The variety of color is as many as 10 kinds, the space that can choose is bigger also!

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